December 2013 Report


“The most worth-while thing is to put happiness into the lives of others.”
Sir Robert Baden-Powell (1857 – 1941)

The month of December was a month of Service for all of our sections. Each section found a way to provide Service: Otters created hygiene packages for children in need; Timberwolfs packaged food at the Oregon Food Bank in NE Portland; Pathfinders packaged food at the Oregon Food Back in Beaverton; and Rovers collected warm clothing for project “Keep Them Warm.”

These projects support a fundamental tenant of scouting, and is seen throughout the Scout Law.

Otter Raft
55th Cascadia Otters
Otters focused their service project on creating hygiene kits and collecting donations of warm clothes and toys in alliance with Northwest Children’s Outreach (NCO). Otters collected the donations throughout November and packed the hygiene kits at the December Raft meeting. The Raft meeting began by reading Boxes for Katje by Candace Flemming which focuses on the theme of goodwill towards others in times of need. After the reading, Otters brainstormed the things they have in their homes and then crossed out everything that was not needed in an effort to distinguish between necessities and extras. After this exercise, scouts understood how children in their community may not have the basic necessities, and why it is important to create the hygiene kits for these children in need.

Otters were eager to start their project and completed the kits with energy and enthusiasm. Once the hygiene kits were complete, Otters made holiday cards for the children served through NCO, and created a beautiful wreath out of natural items like winter foliage, berries, pinecones and feathers which each Otter brought to the meeting. The wreath was given to Northwest Children’s Outreach as a Thank You for partnering with 55th Cascadia Scouts. Otters are thankful for all they have done in 2013, and cannot wait for more adventure and Service opportunity in the new year ahead!

Timberwolf Pack
Timberwolf Service Project: OFB
Timberwolfs amassed at the Oregon Food Bank (OFB) in Portland, Oregon. The Red, White, and Blue Sixes were all represented. The goal for the evening was to package family-sized portions of rice into bags; count the bags into a box; and seal that box up for distribution. Some of the Timberwolfs were on Rice packing … some on box making … some on weighing … and some on carrying items ….

Since 1988, Oregon Food Bank has carried out its mission through a multi-faceted approach of Community Awareness, Volunteering, and Education to make sure that no one goes hungry (prior to that point OFB was two entities, Oregon Food Share and Interagency Food Bank, that joined to make OFB in 1988). More photos

Pathfinder Patrool
Pathfinders volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank in Beaverton, Oregon. As a group, Owl Patrol packed 6100 pounds of food and provided 137 meals per volunteer. Pathfinders worked in the perishable repack room, packaging bulk quantities of frozen corn and green beans into family-sized, 2 pound bags. Everyone had a good time. One scout passed up going to watch the Christmas Boats with his mom in order to come do the service project. A true dedication to Service.

Rover Crew
Rover Service
At the November Rover Scout meeting, Raven Patrol chose “Keep Them Warm” for the monthly Service project in December. Raven Patrol partnered with JOIN, a recommendation by Reverand Kate Lore, to provide Service to those in need. JOIN’s goal is to support transition from homelessness to permanent housing for individuals and families. JOIN was in need of cold-weather items.

Social media, emails, and the Beaumont Middle School Newsletter were used to get the word out; many people around Portland contributed to the cause. Raven Patrol collected approximately 25 bags and 3 big boxes of donations this year. Most were used clothing, but many Beaumont families brought new items to give.

This project increased student awareness of those in need, and how to make a difference in the lives of our community one jacket, blanket, or hat at a time. Additionally, project “Keep Them Warm” built community ties among a school, a scouting group, and a social service organization. A plaque will be presented to the 55th Cascadia Raven Patrol from JOIN at the January Rover meeting, as well as a letter to the Beaumont Middle School Principal thanking her for the school’s support and participation.

GSMs, Auxiliary, and Support
Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 10.17.25 PM
Behind the scenes we continue to strengthen our organization as well as scouting for everyone in Multnomah county. 55th Cascadia and 636th Mount Tabor have created an umbrella non-profit group for BPSA scouting groups in Multnomah county. The non-profit is called Multnomah Service Cooperative. This will allow new scouting groups in the area to tap into an existing system of support.

Multnomah Service Cooperative will also allow 55th Cascadia to accept donations. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the 55th Cascadia scouts need only to go to Albina bank and make a deposit to the 55th Cascadia scout account.

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