Backpack Shakedown

Above, is the newly named Owl Patrol for our Pathfinder section. These scouts took to the weekend like owls–they swooped in and learned a great deal about what a backpacking trip would be like. The goal of this excursion was to (1) show scouts how to pack for backpacking, (2) demonstrate a hike in to camp, and (3) how to set up camp and deal with food needs.
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April All-Section Hike

55th Cascadia April 2013 Hike

One draw to traditional scouting is a return to nature. The outdoors provide great adventures from simple means–Adventurer, Explorer, and Pioneer are feelings that our scouts get when engaged with an outdoor activity.

This last weekend, we had our first All-Section Hike in Forest Park, a park seen by William Clark when exploring the Willamette River by boat (1803). As we walked the trails, we saw some of this old beauty.
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Think Out Loud

So much going on in the 55th Cascadia realm. Last weekend was our All-Section Hike and next weekend is our Timberwolves and Pathfinders Camp Out. Busy, busy. To add to the activity, Group Scoutmaster Ethan was a guest speaker on Think Out Loud, a radio program of Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).

The conversation on today’s program is a discussion of the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) policy on gay scouts. We share this link because GSM Ethan spoke on the program, and the conversation is one of scouting and much to our hearts.
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