May 2013 Report


The NE Otter Raft visited Ladder 14 Fire Station to learn about fire safety. Otters worked in Dens to make thank you cards for the fire fighters and had their first Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Each Den has one or two Otters who are getting very close to completing their investiture requirements, and Dens will probably have their first investiture ceremonies at the next Raft meeting–Bull Run Education Center on Sunday June 23rd from 1-3 pm.
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Hydrofiets and 55th Cascadia scouts

Service is a large part of Baden-Powell scouting. In fact, older scouts have “Service” as their motto.

Today, our Pathfinders provided service during Sunday Parkways. Sunday Parkways is an event where about eight miles of road is closed to motorized traffic, freeing up the space for people to bike, run, walk, and everything else…skipping? Yes, we saw a person skipping the route. Continue reading