April 2014 Report

The 55th
Only a few more days for us to reminiscing about our great first year, and then everything forward will be it’s own, new adventure.

We chartered in January of last year, then one year ago this month, we had our first all-section campout at LL Stub Stewart state park. It was to immediately immerse the group in outdoor scouting. This month we went back to Stub Stewart. For photos of the campout.

Chipmunk Scurry
The 55th would like to welcome Morgan to the group and his desire to build up the Chipmunk section as a prelude to the Otter section. His energy and enthusiasm is an asset to the group. Plus, Morgan has three Chipmunks of his own! A hearty scout salute to you.

Otter Raft
The Orange Den met at the Children’s Arboretum and practiced putting up and tearing down tents. Otters also partnered and went on an exploratory expedition, finding interesting or useful materials to report back to the group.

Timberwolf Pack
The Timberwolves had a History Hike through Balch Creek where resident Oregon historian, Doug Kenck-Crispin, shared the story of The hanging of Danford Balch. More photos of the hike.

We are in the process of adding two new leaders to the Pack, bringing Green and White Sixes to life. A big scout salute to Mark and Carol!

Pathfinder Troop
At Stub Stewart, Pathfinders had a wood tool yard for demonstration and practice of all things sharp: hatchet, axe, saw, knife, batoning knife….

Rover Crew
Rovers continue to plan for Hullabaloo. The wall of ideas has been narrowed down to many wonderful activities, skills, and adventures.

Service Project with Forest Park Conservancy for ivy removal.

The all call section is where you can support our scout group. Your unique talents and knowledge can go to great lengths to strengthen our program and what we can offer scouts.

  • SHARE YOUR SKILLS–We would love to share your skill with our scouts. Are you good at campfire cooking; animal track identification; or such? Contact us.
  • CONNECT YOUR CONNECTIONS–We are looking for ways to connect with organizations, programs, and civic opportunities. If you have such a connection, please contact us. An example of this, which did not come to pass, is having an over night “camp out” inside the main Multnomah library.

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