August 2013 Report

August was a month of Ffffffs–Funding, Fun Times, and First Aid.

Scout Garage Sale
Funding: Scout Sale
We organized a fundraising event that held to our core beliefs of fundraising: (1) the fundraising endeavor should not be lengthy, such as months; (2) the fundraising endeavor supports the ideals of thrifty, resourcefulness, and community; and (3) the fundraising endeavor involves as many people in our 55th Cascadia group as can participate. We were strategically located just off of the busy Mississippi St/Skidmore intersection in Portland, Oregon. As our first fundraiser, it went well. We took notes on what worked, and ways to improve for next time. Yes, there will be a next time so put a box in your basement and start filling it with good items for a sale. Funds from the sale will be used to support the group with gear, adventures, and scholarships.

55th Cascadia Trail Magic 2013
Fun Times: Trail Magic
“Trail Magic” is the collective term for acts of kindness bestowed upon long-distance thru hikers. These little acts of service are often a ride to the post office (to pick up a provision shipment), meals, a hot shower, etc. Trail magic usually happens at road crossings, or at campgrounds along the trail. Our Pathfinders brainstormed, and each came up with their own Trail Magic idea to give to hikers as Service. We set up our lavish offerings 20 feet from Olallie Lake, Oregon. This site had Olallie lake and Jefferson mountain filling our view; it was a great site for our inaugural event. Pathfinders and Rovers went up early, with Timberwolfs coming a couple days later, and Otters as a day trip. The event was a success as noted by Cloud Chaser, one of many hikers we met (tradition along the PCT is to use a trail name given to a person by others).

First Aid
First Aid

A group of Rovers and one Pathfinder took a two-evening
First Aid/CPR class. Marcel Rodriquez donated his time and expertise for which we are grateful. His style was informative and specific to our scout group needs. Given the growth of our group, having trained (retrained) leaders with First Aid/CPR is a benefit to the families we serve. Now, every section has several trained leaders. We will hold another training in the future to increase our trained leaders. The class was held at Whole Foods on 15th and Freemont. They were supportive and accommodating. Hopefully this is a partnership we can continue to grow and provide Service to them.

Our scout sections continue to press on for full investiture. We are proud of their progress. We are also happy to host a Brownsea in our neck of the woods this September. Brownsea is a multi-day training for leaders to build their knowledge of BPSA because a strong scout group starts from the bottom up, through the training of adults and volunteers who understand the fundamentals, methods and aims of the program (from BPSA website). To learn more or register, visit our online registration form or contact us at 55thCascadia[at]gmail[dot]com

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