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GSM--55th Cascadia Portland, Oregon

Gear Trailer, fundraiser

The 55th Cascadia needs support to purchase a gear hauling trailer!

Our co-ed, inclusive scouting group has grown over the last 3 years to become the largest in our organization, and unsurprisingly we have begun to acquire a great deal of equipment that needs to be brought to camps and trainings. Our large Otter Raft, Timberwolf Pack, and Pathfinder Troop often hold all-section campouts and service projects that would benefit from vehicles being used to haul scouts, and a trailer for hauling backpacks, tools, and other equipment. Our group currently hosts the Western Region’s satellite quartermaster (store for uniforms, patches, and scout equipment). That gear alone can fill the back of a small pickup.


The small aluminum 5×8 trailer we’ve spec’d is light enough to be towed by 55th families with minivans, small SUVs and mid-sized cars, and larger vehicles equipped with a hitch.

Though some yard sales and thrift, our group has managed to do a tremendous amount without asking for much outside support. We plan to do still more in the years ahead, and your contribution would translate into smooth overnight adventures for our scouts, the ability to travel to other states and Canada, and less work for our leaders who put on trips and trainings for our scouts (and those around the region).


It’s a small step for our co-ed, inclusive scouting group, but a very important one. Our fundraising goal for the trailer is $2500. We’ve set up a special PayPal donation link. All contributions to the 55th Cascadia are tax deductible through the Multnomah Service Cooperative, our local non-profit umbrella.

Scout Yard Sale 2015

Scout Garage Sale

Support 55th Cascadia Scout Group!

  • Shop the garage sale
  • Eat treats at the bake sale
  • Learn about family scouting

Sunday, May 31st
8:00AM – 5:00PM
Beaumont Middle School
Fremont & NE 42nd

55th Cascadia is part of Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA). Our scouting program is based on traditional outdoor craft and life skills. Families can camp and join service projects with scouts. Sections and scout leaders are co-ed.

This is a great opportunity to meet us, ask questions, and see how we operate. Information on our scout group will be present along with a slew of smiling scouts to answer your questions.

Scout Garage Sale

Funds from the scout sale are used in three ways. One, group programming of events and adventures. Two, gear aquisition so scouts can borrow needed gear. Three, scholarships–we are committed to scouting; if someone has the want, we have the way.

Co-ed. Inclusive. Outdoors.

Otters: 5-7 yrs
Timberwolves: 8-11 yrs
Pathfinders: 12-17 yrs
Rovers: 18 yrs-Adult

Visit us across these platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

Scout Garage Sale

55th Group Auxiliary

The Timing is Right!
55th Group Auxiliary Forms

In accordance with BPSA organizational guidelines, we are pleased to announce the formation of a leadership group who will support the momentum of our third year, and beyond. The 55th Cascadia Group Auxiliary supports Section Leaders with finance, partnership and group planning so that individual Scout Leaders can focus on…scouting!

If you have business, development, finance, event planning, community relations, or other organizational passions — the Auxiliary Committee needs you! Auxiliary Committee members may be Rover Scouts, parents, community leaders and other strategic partner affiliates. Auxiliary Committee members are not scout leaders (i.e. not a Timberwolf Six Leader).

Brief objectives are to:

  • Sustain the strategic goals of the group
  • Support 55th events and camps
  • Provide administration: calendars, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Guide fundraising
  • Provide outreach
  • Build community partnerships
  • Coordinate with other Scout Groups

The 55th Group Auxiliary Committee includes Group Scoutmasters, Ethan Jewett and Travis Wittwer, and includes Kellie Jewett in the role of Auxiliary Treasurer. Rover Scout Laurie Perdue has accepted our appointment of Chairperson. Laurie brings to the 55th over fifteen years experience of marketing, community development and event planning. She is mom to Otter Scout twins, Jack & Hugh, and currently works as a mental health and addictions counselor at a local community health center.

The Group Auxiliary Committee will include traditional roles of chair, secretary, fundraising, outreach, etc. Our recruitment goals include bringing independent community leaders to the 55th, as well as providing a forum for parent volunteers to formally gather, share ideas and…lend a hand.

For more information about committee appointments, contact Laurie Perdue at laurie.perdue@me.com.

Yours in Traditional Scouting,

Ethan Jewett & Travis Wittwer
55th Cascadia Group Scoutmasters

August 2014 Report

The 55th
Catching up. It was a busy August.

Timberwolf Pack
Timberwolves ventured into the dark, cool spaces of the Mt. St. Helens’ Ape Cave. A wonderful 42 degrees on what was an extremely hot day outside of the lava tube. Our presence was fitting as originally a small group of scouts helped to explore the Ape Cave find. Many thanks to Ranger John for his time and expertise. Ask your Timberwolf if the 4 Cs are remembered. If not, your Timberwolf should have it written in their Timberwolf field journal–Lava tubes…Cool, Contract, Crack, and Collapse. For more photos

Pathfinder Troop
Pathfinders took on two wonderful activities during August–Backpacking in Goat Rocks, Washington…and Trail Magic in Oregon. If you are unfamiliar with the Goat Rocks wilderness, we recommend you check it out. Pathfinders were challenged as they hiked the 15.3 miles with 3000 feet of elevation gain. It was no walk in the park. However, it was a glorious walk through a variety of wilderness sights; we even saw goats–yes, they were far (far) away, but they were distinctly white blurs that moved on the mountain high, high above us. Our Pathfinder troop has doubled in size, and for everyone, this trip was the longest and most involved backpacking trip. The rain, and heavy winds at night did not deter Mole Patrol, nor Owl Patrol. Backpacking will be an increasingly larger part of the Pathfinder year experience. If you are looking for a place to get started, let us recommend the Next Adventure backpacking list. For more photos.

For our Pathfinder Service project this summer, Pathfinders (plus two super-Timberwolves) created Trail Magic for the Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers. Trail Magic is a term given to acts of kindness on the trail for the hikers. Hikers do not know when they will come across such pockets of magic, and I am sure after weeks of energy bars, they are quite happy to have what we provided. Each scout came up with a luxury item to share with hikers. We had a slew of beverages, post office, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, and Indian Food just to mention a few. Above is a photo that one of the thru-hikers sent to us, thanking us for the Trail Magic. This is Amtrak. He is from Israel and on September 13th, he arrived at the Northern Terminus. In his email to us, he wished us a great year and hope that some of our scouts endeavor to hike part or all of the PCT. We appreciate him taking the time to let our Pathfinders know he enjoyed his stay with us. For more photos.

Rover Crew
August Rover highlights can be summed up in three words: “Cookinar” and “Goat Rocks.” At the first annual Rover Cookinar, we spent a late afternoon trying out a number of outdoor cooking techniques. For more photos.

As for Goat Rocks, this references a three-day backpacking trip into Washington State’s Goat Rocks wilderness. This was primarily a Pathfinder trip, but several BPSA Rovers were along as guide and mentors, and from the stories and photos that have followed, it looks like an awe-inspiring time was had by all. A huge thank you to Jacob, from 636th Mount Tabor Scouts, for organizing the trip.

In September, the 55th Rover Crew looks forward to hanging out with the Vaux Swifts’ annual chimney show at Chapman School and to the Pacific Northwest Brownsea Training Camp, where several Rovers will receive their Tenderfoot and Rover Squire proficiencies. At least one Rover Knighting is planned for BTC, too. September will also find Rovers kicking off the “Keeping Them Warm” Service project, under direction of Rover Mate Cynthia. Scouting on!

The all call section is where you can support our scout group. Your unique talents and knowledge can go to great lengths to strengthen our program and what we can offer scouts.

  • SHARE YOUR SKILLS–We would love to share your skill with our scouts. Are you good at campfire cooking; animal track identification; or such? Contact us.
  • CONNECT YOUR CONNECTIONS–We are looking for ways to connect with organizations, programs, and civic opportunities. If you have such a connection, please contact us. An example of this, which did not come to pass, is having an over night “camp out” inside the main Multnomah library.

June 2014 Report


More than 230 scouts and family members converged on the Bull Run Education Camp in Sandy, Oregon last weekend for the 2nd annual PNW Hullabaloo camp. Scout groups represented included the 22nd Wildwood, 33rd Pioneer, 45th Columbia River, 55th Cascadia, 59th Bear Creek, 69th Rangers, 98th Rainier, and 636th Mt Tabor. Scouts from these groups got to know each other while working on their scout proficiencies at numerous stations throughout camp and enjoying meals and campfires together. Special thanks to all the Pathfinders who ran camp logistics, and the Rovers who led activities and field kitchens. (BPSA Fb) Continue reading

Pride Parade

Scouting is an activity enjoyed by all. However, there are children and adults who are pushed out of scouting. This is not the case with Baden-Powell Service Association scouts. We have two paths in BPSA: (1) Service to community, and (2) Outdoor skills.

55th Cascadia scouts, and the newly formed 98th Rainier scouts, pridefully marched in the parade. Continue reading

April 2014 Report

The 55th
Only a few more days for us to reminiscing about our great first year, and then everything forward will be it’s own, new adventure.

We chartered in January of last year, then one year ago this month, we had our first all-section campout at LL Stub Stewart state park. It was to immediately immerse the group in outdoor scouting. This month we went back to Stub Stewart. For photos of the campout. Continue reading