Backpack Shakedown

Above, is the newly named Owl Patrol for our Pathfinder section. These scouts took to the weekend like owls–they swooped in and learned a great deal about what a backpacking trip would be like. The goal of this excursion was to (1) show scouts how to pack for backpacking, (2) demonstrate a hike in to camp, and (3) how to set up camp and deal with food needs.

While there, Pathfinders learned the ropes with Pathfinder Leader JJ, GSM Ethan, and Rover Tomas. It was great to see each scout diligently learn about rope protocol and feel comfortable over the edge. Every scout did the “Look mom, no hands” to demonstrate comfort level. Here is Noah doing his with a smile.

Pathfinders hiked in Friday evening. Timberwolves arrived at camp early Saturday morning. This allowed the older scouts, Pathfinders, time to work on some of the more demanding features of scouting, preparing for the longer trips that will come later in the summer.

55th Cascadia April 2013 Backpack Shakedown
One draw to our campouts is the skill of starting a matchless fire. A close second is whittling. This weekend, the Timberwolves worked on (1) knife knowledge, (2) knife safety, and (3) knife usage. Here is Timberwolfmaster Adam, discussing knife use with Asher.

55th Cascadia April 2013 Backpack Shakedown
Timberwolves made knots, both human and with rope. Both were tied and untied. All of our scouts are getting the hang of knots, and in many cases, sharing some new ones with their fellow scouts and leaders. Above is Blue Six getting in and out of knots.

We have a ceremony that we do, brought to us by Rover Sue. We have a container of ashes from our camp fires. Before starting the first campfire, ashes from the container are added to the fire pit. At the end of our weekend, a little bit of the new ashes are added to the container. In this way, we carry the ashes of all of our adventures, mixing them together like the fond memories of our time together. GSM Travis watches on as Greta adds ashes on our last morning at camp.

Want more photos of this trip? Set one, and Set two.

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