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Section Schedule Meetings
Otters: 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, 10-12 pm
Timberwolves: 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, 11-2 pm
Pathfinders: 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, times TBD
Rovers: Monthly overnight “R24” adventures and skill nights scheduled around other group activities.

2018-2019 Calendar Snapshot
Sept 16th – Annual Picnic, Vancouver Lake (All sections)
September 22-23 R24 Canoeing, Willamette Water Trail (Rover, own children allowed)
Oct 6-8 – Brownsea Training Camp, Battle Ground Lake State Park (Leaders/Rovers)
October 19-21 – Fall Campout (Otters & Timberwolves)
Feb 16 – 18 – Mazama Lodge (Timberwolves & Pathfinders)
March 3 – Columbia Park/Pool Swim Test/Canoe Training (All sections)
April 19-21 – Spring Campout, Milo McGiver SP (Timberwolves & Pathfinders)
May 3-5 – Backpacking (Pathfinders)
May 11th – St Johns Parade & BBQ
May 18th – Leader Canoe Training, Flatwater (Rovers)
May 19th – Bike Rodeo (Otters & Timberwolves)
June 28-July 2 – Ross Lake Canoeing (Pathfinders)
June 28-30 – Backpacking (Timberwolves)
July 20 – Great Slough Cleanup (Timberwolves, Pathfinders, & Rovers)
July 27-28 – Backpacking (Timberwolves)
August 3rd – Columbia Slough Regatta (Pathfinders)
August 9-11 – Trail Magic, PCT (Pathfinders)