Scout Yard Sale 2015

Scout Garage Sale

Support 55th Cascadia Scout Group!

  • Shop the garage sale
  • Eat treats at the bake sale
  • Learn about family scouting

Sunday, May 31st
8:00AM – 5:00PM
Beaumont Middle School
Fremont & NE 42nd

55th Cascadia is part of Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA). Our scouting program is based on traditional outdoor craft and life skills. Families can camp and join service projects with scouts. Sections and scout leaders are co-ed.

This is a great opportunity to meet us, ask questions, and see how we operate. Information on our scout group will be present along with a slew of smiling scouts to answer your questions.

Scout Garage Sale

Funds from the scout sale are used in three ways. One, group programming of events and adventures. Two, gear aquisition so scouts can borrow needed gear. Three, scholarships–we are committed to scouting; if someone has the want, we have the way.

Co-ed. Inclusive. Outdoors.

Otters: 5-7 yrs
Timberwolves: 8-11 yrs
Pathfinders: 12-17 yrs
Rovers: 18 yrs-Adult

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Scout Garage Sale

55th Group Auxiliary

The Timing is Right!
55th Group Auxiliary Forms

In accordance with BPSA organizational guidelines, we are pleased to announce the formation of a leadership group who will support the momentum of our third year, and beyond. The 55th Cascadia Group Auxiliary supports Section Leaders with finance, partnership and group planning so that individual Scout Leaders can focus on…scouting!

If you have business, development, finance, event planning, community relations, or other organizational passions — the Auxiliary Committee needs you! Auxiliary Committee members may be Rover Scouts, parents, community leaders and other strategic partner affiliates. Auxiliary Committee members are not scout leaders (i.e. not a Timberwolf Six Leader).

Brief objectives are to:

  • Sustain the strategic goals of the group
  • Support 55th events and camps
  • Provide administration: calendars, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Guide fundraising
  • Provide outreach
  • Build community partnerships
  • Coordinate with other Scout Groups

The 55th Group Auxiliary Committee includes Group Scoutmasters, Ethan Jewett and Travis Wittwer, and includes Kellie Jewett in the role of Auxiliary Treasurer. Rover Scout Laurie Perdue has accepted our appointment of Chairperson. Laurie brings to the 55th over fifteen years experience of marketing, community development and event planning. She is mom to Otter Scout twins, Jack & Hugh, and currently works as a mental health and addictions counselor at a local community health center.

The Group Auxiliary Committee will include traditional roles of chair, secretary, fundraising, outreach, etc. Our recruitment goals include bringing independent community leaders to the 55th, as well as providing a forum for parent volunteers to formally gather, share ideas and…lend a hand.

For more information about committee appointments, contact Laurie Perdue at

Yours in Traditional Scouting,

Ethan Jewett & Travis Wittwer
55th Cascadia Group Scoutmasters