February 2014 Report

Service Project
In honor of the founder of scouting, Baden-Powell, the 55th took on a Service project to beautify the grounds of Beaumont MS, Portland. The morning was cold, but brisk work kept us all warm until the sun peeked through the clouds.

BPSA Founders Day
Chipmunk Scurry
Present and Accounted! Present at the Mazama Lodge adventure and accounted for at the February Service project. We have several excited Chipmunks eager to jump up to Otters this June at our yearly Hullabaloo.

Otter Service
Otter Raft
The Theme for February was Service in recognition of Baden-Powell’s birthday. At the Red River Otter Den meeting the scouts met at Whitaker Ponds and participated in a trail cleanup and disposal of trash and recyclables. The leaders set up a mock campsite and provided hot chile for snack; this gave scouts an opportunity to clean up camp by doing the dishes, tidying up a tent, and breaking down camp. The scouts brought both energy and enthusiasm to all the tasks and completed the meeting with a badge ceremony in recognition of a scout’s completion of safety and camping badge requirements. Although the raft meeting was unable to be hosted at Mazama Lodge as expected, six Otters and four Chipmunks were in attendance at Mazama Lodge and had a great time in the mountains learning alongside the Timberwolves. We look forward to March and our theme of “awakening nature”.

55th at Mazama Lodge
Timberwolf Pack
The 55th has a unique relationship with weather. We have wonderful weather. For many, this statement would seem to be erroneous for a place in the Pacific Northwest; many would think lots of rain. We do get lots of rain, but we get weather that appears to coordinate with our needs. It was cold and rainy the day before our Scout Yard Sale last year, but the day of was an amazingly warm day. It rained the day before Hullabaloo, and as we were leaving. For this February, we did not expect to have good snow conditions on Mt. Hood as our snow pack and snow drop has been thin. However, the week before our trip to the Mazama Lodge, it snowed a great deal. It even snowed in Portland, giving many a chance to try out winter gear before heading up to Hood. The Timberwolfs and their extended families and Sections had a wonderful time in the snow as you can see from the photos and more photos of this adventure.

55th at Mazama Lodge
Pathfinder Troop
Pathfinders were lead on a snow shoe trip through the forest at night, headlights only. Many thanks to Trackers for letting us use their snow shoes.

BPSA Founders Day
Rover Crew
A heart-felt congratulations to Jeffrey Kaye, 45th Columbia River GSM, for his Rover Knighting this month. Knighting occurs after Investiture when the Rover has completed a variety of tasks and skills, along with a personal Vigil. Service, Planning for Hullabaloo.

BPSA 55th Cascadia
The all call section is where you can support our scout group. Your unique talents and knowledge can go to great lengths to strengthen our program and what we can offer scouts.

  • 501(c)(3)–We have formed a nonprofit organization along with 636th Mount Tabor scouts. This nonprofit is called the Multnomah Service Cooperative and donations to our group can be made to 55th Cascadia at Albina bank. We are looking for funds to file for tax exempt status 501(c)(3) to facilitate people and organizations to make tax-deductible donations. The fee to file as a 502(c)(3) is $400. Have some ideas for raising funds; good at fund raising; like to file paperwork? Contact us.
  • SW BPSA GROUP–Our wait-list shows an interest for a BPSA group in SW Portland. Are you interested in starting one? We know some interested families so it may just be a matter of getting you all together and see what happens. You can start small, even tiny–for example, one Timberwolf Six.
  • SHARE YOUR SKILLS–We would love to share your skill with our scouts. Are you good at campfire cooking; animal track identification; or such? Contact us.
  • CONNECT YOUR CONNECTIONS–We are looking for ways to connect with organizations, programs, and civic opportunities. If you have such a connection, please contact us. An example of this, which did not come to pass, is having an over night “camp out” inside the main Multnomah library.


  • Thank you to Mike McDonald (1st Lone Scout in NJ) for his collaboration with the 55th on layout for the Chipmunk Handbook. Mike is constantly providing Service for BPSA groups behind-the-scenes. Our Whittler and Tools award cards are his efforts. Mike, a hearty scout salute to you!

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