July 2013 Report

55th Cascadia Scouts
Otter Raft
The July Otter Raft was held at the Children’s Arboretum. We had a few stations to rotate skill building: jump rope, ball toss, leaf rubbing, and general Otter knowledge. The Otters walked around the park to read tree labels and build tree vocabulary. Dan, one of our scout parents, lead the discussion of the differences between tree species.

Timberwolf knots
Timberwolf Pack
Timberwolfs continue to develop their scout skills. We plan to have all Timberwolf scouts invested in October, to receive their Tenderpad patch. Timberwolfs that are already invested are working on their First-Star requirements. This month, Timberwolfs received a number of opportunities to develop bike proficiency through a Sunday Parkways ride, and during our Six and Pack meetings.

Pathfinder Troop
Pathfinders have received training on a variety of stoves. At Hullabaloo, scouts used some of the alcohol stoves in our group. After weighing the cost, complexity and environmental aspects of a number of stove designs and fuels, we believe a sealable, flame adjustable alcohol stove is the best solution for lightweight backpacking. To mitigate safety issues, training has taken place. A number of our scout leaders use alcohol stoves.

Rover Crew
Members of the 55th Rover Crew assisted in a Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNSR), and Mountain Wave Search and Rescue (MWSR) training exercise. This exercise was an overnight on Mt. Hood. It was a wonderful success and proved, once again, how amazing our scouts and leaders are!

The highlight of the Crew’s late summer/early autumn activities will be Brownsea Training Camp in mid-September. This weekend-long program will teach our Rovers and leaders how to assist with 55th Group and Section activities, as well as strengthening our understanding of BPSA.

A shout-out also goes to the first five 55th Rovers to receive their Tenderfoot badges and be invested as Rover Squires: JJ Heldmann, Ethan Jewett, Kellie Jewett, Sue Pesznecker, and Travis Wittwer. Rumor has it there may be a couple of Rover Knightings at Brownsea!

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