July 2014 Report

July was Bike Rodeo month, and saw each section participating in bike use, bike safety, and bike maintenance.

Chipmunk Scurry
Chipmunks worked on riding their bikes around a path and looking over their shoulders while riding. Some Chipmunks went home to take off their their training wheels.

Otter Raft
Otters spent a good deal of time practicing safe riding while in a closed course with stop signs, passing cars, objects in the road, and looking back to check traffic.

Timberwolf Pack
Timberwolves were drawn to the obstacle course which had cones for maneuvering, a joust, a teeter-totter, several jumps/bumps, a whoop-de-doo, and stops and turns.

Pathfinder Troop
Pathfinders took caboose in our 4 mile ride through the surrounding neighborhood as Timberwolves, Pathfinders, and Rovers put into use, the practice of the day.

Rover Crew
As always, the success of the event was due to the great efforts of great leaders. Thank you to all Rovers and parents who helped to make this Bike Rodeo possible. And a big thank you to Concordia College who was most gracious with the use of their central commons area.

For scout groups interested in setting up their own Bike Rodeo, here are some resources: