June 2013 Report


Hullabaloo was a great success. A staggered arrival allowed each section to pursue age-specific pursuits. Ninety-two people scouted in the outdoors, partaking in the events, activities, and ceremonies. Highlights are hard to nail down as there are many. Some scouts will remember being celebrated by their peers as they get invested. Others will remember their search for the perfect staff. While others will remember camp fire, knife use, flag ceremony, waking up early, or the desire to make an announcement.

Hullabaloo 2013
OTTER SCOUTS at work, building team and strategy. There were a number of Otter scouts invested during Hullabaloo.

Hullabaloo 2013
TIMBERWOLF SCOUTS learned about flag tradition and ceremony from Rover Crew leader Sue Pesznecker. These Timberwolf scouts are retiring the flag.

PATHFINDER SCOUTS led the charge in our opening day’s service project. Pathfinder scouts cleaned up the main camp area and were liaisons for arriving families.

A huge Thank You to all of the adult LEADERS and ROVER SCOUTS who gave their time and expertise to our scouts. We are an amazing scout group because of your efforts. A grand thank you to Tony Deis and Trackers Earth for opening up their space to our scouts. It was a magical location.
Ethan Jewett and Travis Wittwer, GSMs for 55th Cascadia, welcome the group to campfire

For more photos of 55th Cascadia Hullabaloo, check out our photo group on Flickr–start at this photo and look around.

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