March 2014 Report

BPSA 55th Cascadia

The 55th
We chartered in January, but did not have our first meeting, a campout, until April. This said, three months later we endeavored to create what would become a yearly event. We have new scouts to our group, and we have four scouting groups that will join us this year; here are some photos from Hullabaloo 2013 to give you a taste.

Hullabaloo 2014 dates are set. Planning is underway, and there are currently five scout groups attending: 33rd Pioneer, 45th Columbia River, 55th Cascadia, 59th Bear Creek, and 636th Mount Tabor. We look forward to scouting with you all.

Chipmunk Scurry
Chipmunk Jodie–
Chipmunks, Chipmunks what do you eat?
Nuts and berries and a little treat!

Otter Raft
The Otter theme for March was “awakening nature” and Otters had many opportunities to notice signs of Spring emerging. The various Den meetings took place at Smith and Bybee wetlands, Whitaker ponds and the Tualitin River National Wildlife Refuge where Otters participated in some basic orienteering and observation activities. Collectively, Otters observed leaves unfurling, trees budding, birds calling, ducks swimming, a hawk feeding and waters flowing rapidly as the snow melts and rain continues to nourish the earth. The Raft meeting took place at the Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery where scouts continued to notice how nature is awakening and learned about the life stages of sturgeon and trout and how these fish are an integral part of our rivers. The Bonneville hatchery is quite impressive and the scouts were thoroughly fascinated with the size, and “dinosaur” quality, of the sturgeon. After our observations were complete, Otters documented the experience in their field journals and took some time to practice the Otter jodies, and create some new ones in preparation for our upcoming campouts. Our favorite jodie?

Otters, Otters what’s in that stew?
Peas and carrots and Timberwolves, too!

White Otter Pups and Orange Willamette Otters met together at Whitaker Ponds for their monthly Den meetings. Quite a few Otters braved the rain and cold to practice their map skills during a park-wide supply hunt. Otters used their maps to locate the 10 essentials hidden along the trail. The final cache they tracked down yielded organic popcorn and strawberries (AKA Food) for everyone!

And as usual, Chipmunks were all a-scurry with enthusiasm and made up the jodie In the Chipmunk section. Otters are looking forward to the April theme of camping and the outdoors.

Timberwolf Tree and Plant IDing
Timberwolf Pack
Timberwolves worked with leaders on plant identification at various NE Portland parks. The camellias were in full bloom, and rhododendrons were budded ready for the sun. This month fostered fundamental identification skills that the scouts will use in future adventures as well as in preparation for the various camping trips this summer. Scouts took notes and sketched a variety of plants, including, cedar, pine, oak, fir, Oregon grape, magnolia, and yew (just to name a few). And … Timberwolves, listen up … be prepared and know common trees as this skill could be a great asset in a Hullabaloo competition!

The Timberwolf Pack welcomes their new leader, Susan, who will co-lead White Six. She brings with her two Timberwolf scouts. Susan is energetic and has already emerged herself in the structure and culture of the 55th! Be sure to introduce yourselves.

Timberwolf, Timberwolf how’d you get back!

Pathfinder Troop
Pathfinders played with following knots: sheep-shank, alpine butterfly, and figure 8. The uses of each knot was discussed, as well as showing different ways to tie the same knot. It is a good idea to know multiple ways to tie a single knot as variables will change in the field.

Rover Crew
March has been a quiet month for Rovers in terms of activity, but Rovers are pleased to welcome a brand new Crew member, Susan M. Rovers are currently working on establishing patrol names, developing Crew flags, and starting a Crew log book. Rovers also gearing up for camping at Stub Stewart, and for the second annual Hullabaloo in June, where they will camp as a section and provide service all event long. Scouting on!

The all call section is where you can support our scout group. Your unique talents and knowledge can go to great lengths to strengthen our program and what we can offer scouts.

  • 501(c)3–We need someone to pursue the paperwork for filing for this non-profit, tax status.
  • SHARE YOUR SKILLS–We would love to share your skill with our scouts. Are you good at campfire cooking; animal track identification; or such? Contact us.
  • CONNECT YOUR CONNECTIONS–We are looking for ways to connect with organizations, programs, and civic opportunities. If you have such a connection, please contact us. An example of this, which did not come to pass, is having an over night “camp out” inside the main Multnomah library.

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