May 2013 Report


The NE Otter Raft visited Ladder 14 Fire Station to learn about fire safety. Otters worked in Dens to make thank you cards for the fire fighters and had their first Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Each Den has one or two Otters who are getting very close to completing their investiture requirements, and Dens will probably have their first investiture ceremonies at the next Raft meeting–Bull Run Education Center on Sunday June 23rd from 1-3 pm.

SE Otters

At their first Den meeting, the Super Otters of SE climbed Mt. Tabor, practiced their square knots then tested them with a game of tug-of-war. The knots held splendidly.

Timberwolf Rock Climbing Basics

The Timberwolf Pack had a two-day workshop on rock climbing basics. Day One was foot and hand practice as they bouldered the rock and mortar walls of Rocky Butte observatory, starting on a slightly slanted wall, moving to a vertical wall, and finishing on a top-roped wall with gear. Day Two was technical rock climbing on a 5.8/5.11 wall. This adventure built on the knot and equipment training Timberwolves experienced in their Six and Pack meetings. When not climbing, scouts practiced knots–Figure Eight Follow Through, Reef, and Sheet–as well as various investiture requirements. There will be plenty of fully invested Timberwolves in June. Above photo: Timberwolf Forrest made it through the crux and climbs through the last 8 feet of slightly overhanging crack. View more photos from this outing.


The Pathfinder Troop had a gorgeous two-mile hike along the north side of the Salmon river, and quickly established camp just inside the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness area. Dry conditions made this go pretty smoothly, and after a quick lunch break the Rovers and Pathfinders headed up the canyon, climbing high above a stretch of impassable cliffs and falls to a stunning overlook. Final Falls could be heard 600 feet below us, and Frustration Falls were actually visible from our promontory.

Rover scout assistant crew leader Tomas was in camp and demonstrated a host of shelters that can be created with a simple tarp and some paracord which was good because the dry conditions did not last. Pathfinders broke into two groups and tried their hand at shelter making with their tarps. Not too shabby was the verdict. One of their tarp shelters was so good it was left up with a pack stored underneath . . . the pack was bone dry the next morning. Great job, Asha and Noah! The topics of knife safety and water filtration and purification were also covered. View more photos from this outing.


The Rover Crew had its first meeting in May, “thinking out loud” about what they might like to do in the coming year. So far, the Rovers have played a strong supporting role in every 55th event or activity, and they will help with the upcoming Hullabaloo as well. Several Rovers are working toward their Tenderfoot and Rover Squire advancement, and at least ten have signed up to attend Brownsea Training Camp next September. Rovers are also planning to put together an Autumn First Aid class–to which Pathfinders will likely be invited–and hope to organize a bicycle campout in the near future. Rovering on!

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