November 2013 Report

Behind the scenes, 55th Cascadia leadership are reorganizing the group to build what we are calling Version 2.0. One of the endeavors is the creation of supporting roles for adults who cannot be leaders, but want to be involved in the group. Another is strategic planning of a year-long calendar with connections between the sections and other scouting groups. Our group now has a private calendar to keep parents up-to-date, as well as a closed Facebook group. It is hard to imagine that the 55th Cascadia scouting group has been active for only seven months; we have achieved great things in that time.

Additionally, 55th Cascadia and 45th Mount Tabor scouting groups have formed a Multnomah Service Cooperative and attained non-profit status. This group has a board, meets, and the goal is to have a present body to support newly forming BPSA groups with financial organization and non-profit status. This will also allow us, 55th Cascadia, to more effectively deal with registration and donation monies. 501c3 status is our next step.

A big thank you and scout salute to all of the parents and partners who are providing behind-the-scenes support. Your auxiliary and supportive roles let our leaders, lead, which allows our scouts to scout.

Chipmunk Scurry
Play — Learn — Grow

Otter Raft
Columbia Slough 11.17.13
The theme for Otters this month was safety and Otters have worked hard to earn their safety badges. Otters have coordinated with Northwest Children’s Outreach (NWCO) for their December Service Project in which Otters will create holiday packages containing hygiene items, warm essentials (hats, gloves, socks), and small stuffed animals for less fortunate kids in Portland. NWCO is excited to coordinate donations and service with our group and we are hoping to create a lasting partnership. (Above photo: Columbia Slough)

Timberwolf Pack
The theme for Timberwolfs this month was was camping & hiking skills. Last month, Timberwolfs had the first ever Timberee–a Timberwolf specific camping trip that worked scouts through some of the ideas of a “patrol” system. Building on this Timberee experience, Timberwolfs worked on assembling/disassembling tents in a local park where the weather rained just enough to add a sense of urgency. Timberwolfs played a game with their fully stocked backpack–each scout had a list of items needed for a campout and pulled out items, one at a time, to see if their partner could match them, item-for-item. Timberwolfs concluded the month with a Pack hike at Oaks Bottom wildlife refuge. This is a local hike that Timberwolfs did in the summer and will do so once each season to see the changes. (Above photo from the hike)

Bonus: a video from last month’s Timberee, Soren and Morrigan Build a Fire.

Pathfinder Troop
Pathfinders met and brainstormed Service projects for the month of December as well as worked on proficiency skills.

Rover Crew
PNW Brownsea Training Camp
The 55th Rovers met on Nov. 20 for a regular planning meeting. Rovers caught up on different members’ advancement progress, and started work on an ongoing project to visually track hours of service, for “Service” is the Rover motto. The process for forming Rover patrols has been started. Rovers discussed plans for the December Service project; the final details are evolving, but the theme of the project will be “Keeping Them Warm.”

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