October 2013 Report

55th Timberee
Chipmunk Scurry

Chipmunk Promise: “On my chipmunk honor, I promise to do my best”

Red necker (available at Next Adventure)
Yellow shirt (when possible)
Gear: spoon on carabiner, whistle

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 11.40.13 PM
Otter Raft
White Den met at Whitaker Ponds and talked about earthquake safety, handed out Map Your Neighborhood materials and other resources to each family, and each den collaborated to make their own den flag.

Purple Den scouts were given a map and asked to circumnavigate laurelhurst park. Along the way they identified berries, discussed interpretations of the different maps, and left trail signs. Later Otters played Kim’s game on a table near the pond.

55th Timberee
Timberwolf Pack

The Timberwolf Pack provided Service to our community through Parklandia and Parke Diem. Sixteen scouts and six Rovers/Adults met at Arbor Lodge park to do weed, clean up debris, and spread mulch. It was a grand time and scouts left with a sense of pride.

The first ever 55th Cascadia Timberee took place at the Bull Run Education Center (site of Hullabaloo). Twenty Timberwolfs took part in patrol-like scouting. This was a great opportunity for leaders to work through systems and to test what works and does not work. Highlights from the weekend are Knife Proficiency, Fire Competition, and First Aid … although the Timberwolfs may say that beating the leaders in a tug-of-war is high up on the list of memories.

Check out the Fire Competition video.

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