First Scout Round Up


892124_4560561257044_2122405589_o On Sunday, March 18, the weather broke its continued, rainy stretch just for our 55th Cascadia Round Up. This event gave families a chance to meet and talk about scouting, as well as register scouts. The substantial turn-out is a testament to a desire to have a traditional scouting program in Portland, Oregon.

The 55th Cascadia is a one-year-old idea that laid down roots this January. Support and interest has created a healthy troop, with scouts in each of the four sections: Otters (age 5-7), Timberwolves (age 8-11), Pathfinders (age 11.5-17), and Rovers (18+). We will place scouts and design a meeting schedule with this information.


Scouts-to-be practiced the Scout’s Promise, and plenty of knots were tied whilst sitting around the indoor fire. The 55th Cascadia is part of the Baden-Powell Service Association with a long and rich history from its founder, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (1857-1941). In 1907, Lord Baden-Powell, of military background, conducted a youth scout camp on Brownsea Island, UK; this event and his writing are seen as the beginnings of all scouting organizations world wide (World Federation of Independent Scouts).


We have a Kick-Off Camping trip for March 29-31, at L.L. Stubb Stewart State Park. If you need information for this trip, check out the event through Facebook, or email us, The 55th Cascadia

Thank you to The Oregon Community Church and the Village Ballroom for donating a location to hold our Round Up.


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