September 2013 Report

How did September get past us?

In September, we hosted Northwest Brownsea. Brownsea is the name given to the training for BPSA leaders, and comes from Brownsea Island, the location of the first organized scouting camp, set up by then Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell in 1907. This experiment is accepted world-wide as the origins of scouting.

PNW Brownsea Training Camp

What: Leaders were put through the experience of a Pathfinder campout with patrols.
Where: Bull Run Education Center (site of Hullabaloo)
Who: 636th Mount Tabor, 59th Bear Creek, 55th Cascadia, and 45th Columbia River scouting groups were represented along with Commissioner David Atchley and Quartermaster Scott Hudson.

For more photos:
Brownsea set One
Brownsea set Two

For more information on Brownsea, read the write up from Jeffrey Kaye, GSM for the 45th Columbia River scouts.

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