Hydrofiets and 55th Cascadia scouts

Service is a large part of Baden-Powell scouting. In fact, older scouts have “Service” as their motto.

Today, our Pathfinders provided service during Sunday Parkways. Sunday Parkways is an event where about eight miles of road is closed to motorized traffic, freeing up the space for people to bike, run, walk, and everything else…skipping? Yes, we saw a person skipping the route.

Our scouts refilled water bottles for thirsty people, using a water-dispensing cargo bike called, the Hydrofiets. This bike was commissioned by GSM Ethan and will be at future Sunday Parkways.

Next Sunday Parkways is in Northeast Portland, June 23. We have a trip this weekend, but hope to have part of our group there.

Stop by and see us, and we will happily fill up your bottles.

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