“Stub” Stewart State Park

During this trip, to my embarrassment, I found that I was without a working stove.

My family was hungry. Breakfast had already been delayed. I sat perplexed, starring at the MSR Whisperlight, trying to figure it out. I used it for dinner the night before. I turned knobs, plunged plungers, but nothing. I could not get compression in the fuel tank.

I asked Ethan about it the next day and he showed me why the fuel tank would not compress. With three swift motions, one of which included applying spit to the rubber plunger valve, the stove was working again. Experience pays.

As an alternative to the Whisperlight, breakfast was made in a Dutch oven. I used coals from a fire that our scouts made without matches. Experience pays.

Fire 4

Fire starting was an activity in which all scouts participated. Whether it was using a variety of strikers with Rover Tomas; watching Ethan’s steps on how to use a “jelly ball;” or building a final-day fire totally on their own, this experience will be a highlight.

Folded Flag

This camping trip was an unofficial event so we did not hold tightly to an agenda. However, we did include flag folding.

Group Hike w/ Signs

We took a hike up to a grassy area where we practiced the Scout Promise. Seeing all of the scouts seriously engaged in the recitation of the Promise, was as warming as the sun atop that hill.

Knot Practice 9

One of the few times that scouts can be naughty is when tying knots. Different colored cording was used; we tied 5 basic knots. We know three ways to tie a sheep shank.

Waterproof Matches 1

Rover Susan shared her knowledge of the Ten Essentials and at the end, scouts made waterproof matches with paraffin to put into their fire starting kit.

1st Invested Timberwolf

A high point was watching Sören go through his investiture for Timberwolf and become our first 55th Cascadia scout. His fellow scouts listened, and shared his pride. I can tell that we will have many invested scouts soon.

Here is the photo set of all of the photos from this trip.


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