Gear Trailer, fundraiser

The 55th Cascadia needs support to purchase a gear hauling trailer!

Our co-ed, inclusive scouting group has grown over the last 3 years to become the largest in our organization, and unsurprisingly we have begun to acquire a great deal of equipment that needs to be brought to camps and trainings. Our large Otter Raft, Timberwolf Pack, and Pathfinder Troop often hold all-section campouts and service projects that would benefit from vehicles being used to haul scouts, and a trailer for hauling backpacks, tools, and other equipment. Our group currently hosts the Western Region’s satellite quartermaster (store for uniforms, patches, and scout equipment). That gear alone can fill the back of a small pickup.


The small aluminum 5×8 trailer we’ve spec’d is light enough to be towed by 55th families with minivans, small SUVs and mid-sized cars, and larger vehicles equipped with a hitch.

Though some yard sales and thrift, our group has managed to do a tremendous amount without asking for much outside support. We plan to do still more in the years ahead, and your contribution would translate into smooth overnight adventures for our scouts, the ability to travel to other states and Canada, and less work for our leaders who put on trips and trainings for our scouts (and those around the region).


It’s a small step for our co-ed, inclusive scouting group, but a very important one. Our fundraising goal for the trailer is $2500. We’ve set up a special PayPal donation link. All contributions to the 55th Cascadia are tax deductible through the Multnomah Service Cooperative, our local non-profit umbrella.