June 2014 Report


More than 230 scouts and family members converged on the Bull Run Education Camp in Sandy, Oregon last weekend for the 2nd annual PNW Hullabaloo camp. Scout groups represented included the 22nd Wildwood, 33rd Pioneer, 45th Columbia River, 55th Cascadia, 59th Bear Creek, 69th Rangers, 98th Rainier, and 636th Mt Tabor. Scouts from these groups got to know each other while working on their scout proficiencies at numerous stations throughout camp and enjoying meals and campfires together. Special thanks to all the Pathfinders who ran camp logistics, and the Rovers who led activities and field kitchens. (BPSA Fb) Continue reading

April 2014 Report

The 55th
Only a few more days for us to reminiscing about our great first year, and then everything forward will be it’s own, new adventure.

We chartered in January of last year, then one year ago this month, we had our first all-section campout at LL Stub Stewart state park. It was to immediately immerse the group in outdoor scouting. This month we went back to Stub Stewart. For photos of the campout. Continue reading

June 2013 Report


Hullabaloo was a great success. A staggered arrival allowed each section to pursue age-specific pursuits. Ninety-two people scouted in the outdoors, partaking in the events, activities, and ceremonies. Highlights are hard to nail down as there are many. Some scouts will remember being celebrated by their peers as they get invested. Others will remember their search for the perfect staff. While others will remember camp fire, knife use, flag ceremony, waking up early, or the desire to make an announcement. Continue reading